In the ONE Talent Hub three pillars will be central: Policy, Development and Labour Market. Security Delta (HSD) and Centre for Security and Digitalisation (CVD) are amongst the organisations to answer all your questions at the Hub. The joint representation of HSD and CVD at the ONE Talent Hub is a result of their strategic alliance collaboration, signed in June 2023. By joining forces both parties want to strengthen the execution power in the field of cybersecurity labour market issues and to increase the cyber resilience of the Netherlands.

Human Capital Agenda Security To make concrete steps HSD and CVD have developed a Human Capital Agenda Security, which was launched in June. About 70 parties have contributed to the creation of the agenda and its proposed interventions. With this broad involvement, the HCA Security lays the foundation for implementation and scaling up across the professional column and at regional and national levels. We can tell you all about it, at the Talent hub. More information about practical tools can be found here.

Programme At the ONE Talent Hub, it is also possible to engage with people who have proven themselves in their field. Pick their brain about the opportunities within cybersecurity and the different jobs you can do. If you want to join one of the meet & greets just show up at the ONE Talent Hub at the timeslots mentioned below and ask your question! In addition, there are short pitches with interesting take-aways! Don’t miss it!

Pitch programme Tuesday 3 October





Saïda van Kalsbeek & Emma Schaafsma (Municipality of The Hague)

Official opening of the Talent Hub


Mark Ruijsendaal (Security Delta, HSD)

What are we doing wrong?


NCS3 winners Aylin, Ibrahim, Lidia, Lotte, Maike, and Annass

Automatic patch and vulnerability management tool (APKM)


Josh Keeley (Trident Search)

How to stand out amongst others?


Marthe Hertogh

Dcypher AVR roadmap

Pitch programme Wednesday 4 October





Ben Kokkeler (CVD)

‘An offer you can’t refuse’


Mira Golsteyn



Maaike van Leuken

Dcypher Crypto roadmap


Nicolas Lymbouris (Base Cyber Security)

Infosec community growth: Mentoring & Coaching 


Aylin, Ibrahim, Lidia, Lotte, Maike, and Annass

Automatic patch and vulnerability management tool (APKM)

Meet & Greet Programme at the Talent Hub

Tuesday 3 October

10:45-11:05 Oscar Koeroo (CISO – Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) on switching from private (KPN) to public

11:05-11:25 Dimitri van Zantvliet (CISO – Dutch Railways) on IT versus OT cybersecurity

11:25-11:45 Victor Gevers (ethical hacker – DIVD/DIVD Academy/Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) On ethical hacking

13:35-13:55 Wido van der Mast (CEO AET Europe) on the labourmarket for Cryptografy

13:55-14:15 Aart Jochem (CISO National government – Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) on the concern role of CISO Rijk within the government

Wednesday 4 October

10:45-11:05 Barend Frans (National Police) on cybersecurity programmes within the Police.

11:05-11:25 Mariëlle Kolff (director/consultant – Connect2Trust/Ministry of Justice and Security) on Cybercrime

11:25-11:45 Sam van Rooij (CISO – VolkerWessels) on working in a global company

13:35-13:55 Bram Mooij (CISO & Ethical Hacker –Connect2Trust) on cyber forensics

13:55-14:15 Anita Wehmann (Adviseur – Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) on Post-Quantum Crypto

Whether you are looking for advice for your current career path or a whole new career, the ONE Conference Talent Hub has you covered this year. We hope to see you there!